50 Days to Pentecost:

Five Minutes A Day For 50 Days

Readings of just five minutes per day enlist commitments from just about everyone in the church. Challenging people to a limited time frame of just 50 days presents them with an achievable objective, and a high percentage of people complete all of the Bible readings. When people finish the program, they feel satisfaction and are open to making other similar commitments in the future.

People Reading God’s Word

The power of this program is that it is reading Scripture, not an author's devotional writing. The inspired Word of God changes lives! The power of God's inspired Word is penetrating — especially reading through the life of Jesus in a disciplined study.

Focused On Christ

The center of the gospel is Jesus Christ himself. The Good News we are commanded to proclaim is our Lord’s coming to earth, offering His life as the penalty for sin and His resurrection that promises everlasting life to all who will believe upon His name. It is the Christ-centered message the Holy Spirit will honor and use.

Helps Start A Habit

When many discover the joy and spiritual strength they receive from reading God’s Word each day, they continue their daily Bible reading past the 50 days to form a life habit.

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